Life4You is now Live @Vakıf Emeklilik !!

Life4You is now Live @Vakıf Emeklilik !!

Agito’s new generation Private Pension and Life Insurance Platform Life4You is live in a single phase at Vakıf Emeklilik on July 8, 2016 with all data, all functions, all integrations and peripheral systems.

Vakıf Emeklilik and Agito unite forces for the new Insurance Information System

Foreseeing that the concept of digital will become more important in the coming period in the insurance sector, Vakıf Emeklilik cooperated with Agito for the new Insurance Information System.

Vakıf Emeklilik, one of the first companies to make mobile investments in the insurance sector, passed the new Insurance Information System. The new system, called ATLAS, will add speed, sustainability and operational efficiency to Vakıf Emeklilik’s business processes. Agito’s “Life4You” application is also used for the first time in the industry.

“In parallel with the rapid change in technology, we have successfully completed the biggest project of our company together with our stakeholders in 2016, when we celebrate the 25th anniversary of our foundation,” said Vakıf Emeklilik IT Manager Ayhan Şay.

Stating that growth rates have increased and differentiated IT needs, Şay said: “Our customer focused work continues to increase. We are proud of passing on ATLAS, a system that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics and integrates with emerging technologies, innovative, integrated with external systems, fast, efficiency and high quality in operational activities and information security is kept in the forefront”.

We have been successful in the new system with both Vakıf Emeklilik and Agito employees’ dedicated and intensive work. A logo was designed for the system which will increase the quality of all the processes of the Vakıf Emeklilik. Inspired by the slogans of “Our road map for a comfortable future” and “Our roadmap of our future”, the logo of the new system named Atlas is also remarkable. The logo was set out from the merging story of the Atlantic Ocean and the continents and from the colors of the Foundation Pension.

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