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BTG provides comprehensive and integrated software solution to the insurance business.
Mediclaim can reponse the hospital’s provision requests immediately due to its integrated structure.

BTG on Cloud
Health Insurance Management System

BTG, the brand new end to end Health Insurance Management Solution designed with the digital insurance infrastructure and software service model (SaaS) on Cloud for the insurance companies and TPA’s operating in the Healthcare branch.
BTG offers profitability, market penetration and cost reduction values to the insurance companies with its out of box features such as UW Decision Trees, Medical and Business Rule Libraries, Online and Real Time Smart Provisioning Systems.


√ End to End Core Insurance Solution

√ Quick Integrations with TPA’s and Insurance Companies

√ Personal and Group Policies

√ Fast time-to-market with New Products

√ Online and Real Time Smart Provisioning

√ Health Insurance Companies and TPA’s

√ Individual & Group Health Business

√ Ready-to-use Medical & Business Rules Repository

√ Built-in Integration Interfaces with Suppliers,   Medical Network, Public Institutions, Distribution Channels and Customers