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Life4All covers all the operational transactions required by the insurance business from following-up entry of applications to issuing policies, from collection to policy revisions and reporting.


Life and Pension Insurance Management System

Life4All, the new generation Life and Pension Core Insurance Solution designed by Agito with the motto “Agility for the insurers of tomorrow”.  Life4All offers new added values to the Insurance market with the latest version of modular and n layered architecture, completely new UI designs and new generation functional infrastructure that can adapt quickly to all markets and regulations.

Technological Features

√ Platform Independent

√ User Friendly UI

√ Model–View–Controller (MVC)

√ Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

√ Adaptation to Technological Innovations

√ Easy Release & Version Management

Customer Oriented

√ Best Practice Functions and


√ Time to Market

√ Flexible Product Development

Process Oriented

√ Business Process Design and Control Points

√ Continuous Operations Management

√ Effective Cost Control

√ Real Time Integration w/ Other Systems

Transparency & Autonomy

√ Dynamic Authentication and   Authorization

√ Regulative Security Standard Compliance

√ Rich Business Data Model

Rule Based Product Management

√ Rule Based Flexible and Fast Product Definitions

√ Product, Plan, Tariff Hierarchy

√ Wide Range of Predefined Products

√ User Defined Formulas and Parameters

√ Channel Based Definitions of Sales Roles

√ Pre Sales Simulations and Quotations