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GI4You provides comprehensive and integrated software solution to the insurance business. Agito GI4You is a modular, integrated core insurance solution providing insurers with benefits throughout the value chain.


Property and Casualty Insurance Management System

GI4You, the new generation Property and Casualty Core Insurance Solution designed as a software service model (SaaS) on Cloud with digital insurance features.

GI4You provides an integrated, end-to-end and flexible General Insurance Management solution for the Insurance Companies. By the modular and n tier structure, GI4You provides an end-to-end, agile and flexible solutions that offers quick market penetrations with profitability for insurance companies.


√ Shortens time-to-market in product development

√ Provides transparency, design and control and two way interactions over business processes and workflows

√ Time to  Market Advantage in New Product Developments

√ 360 ͦ Integration Capabilitiy

√ Empowers key users through design and rule (scripting) management capabilities

√ High Performance and Scalability

√ Built-In sets of rules in product development

√ Enables product development from scratch or deriving from other products

√ Built-In Web-Servis Integrations w/ Other Parites

√ New UI Technology w/ PrimeFaces

√ OS Independent Web-Based AJAX Technology

√ Reuseable Business Rules w/ Groovy Scripting

√ Built-In Automated Work Flow Engine

√ Multi Linguality

√ Location Free  – Web Based